from micro to macro via production networks pdf>
Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2014
the great diversification and its undoing pdf>
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the network origins of aggregate fluctuations pdf>
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growth, cycles and convergence in us regional time series pdf>
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working papers

large firm dynamics and the business cycle pdf>
(with B. Grassi), r&r^2 @ AER, online appendix here, latest version: April 2017
supply chain disruptions: evidence from the great east japan earthquake pdf>
(with M. Nirei, Y.U. Saito & A. Tahbaz-Salehi), r&r @ QJE, latest version: November 2016
input diffusion and the evolution of production networks pdf>
(with N. Voigtlaender), latest version: February 2015
sources of comparative advantage in polluting industries pdf>
(with P. Bustos & F. Broner), r&r @ JEEA, latest version: November 2015
aggregate fluctuations and the network structure of intersectoral trade pdf>
latest version: October 2010

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